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Sam Kinison

6 Jul , 2011,
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Sam Kinison–loud mouthed, obnoxious jerk

Sam Kinison.  I woke up feeling particularly bitter this morning.  How many of us are old enough to remember Sam Kinison?sam1 Yeah, that’s him.  The short, fat, loud, obnoxious guy who wore a beret and trench coat, and could scream like no one else.   I had heard Kinison’s stand-up routines.  Kinison had the filthiest mouth this side of Redd Foxx in the 1950s.  His material was juvenile and rude, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t make me laugh out loud a time or two.

Sam Kinison–the early years

Sam Kinison began his career in Houston, Texas, where he performed in small clubs. It was not until his appearance on HBO’s Rodney Dangerfield’s Ninth Annual Young Comedians Special in the summer of 1984 that he became well known. His appearance on the special is widely considered to be his breakthrough performance. Later, during Kinison’s appearance on Late Night with David Letterman in 1985, Dave warned his audience: “Brace yourselves. I’m not kidding. Please welcome Sam Kinison.”  Kinison played up his former role as a Bible-preaching evangelist, taking some hard-core, vicious,  sacrilegious–but funny– shots at the Bible, Christianity and famous Christian evangelist scandals of his day.  Kinison’s daring comedy helped shoot him to stardom.  Kinison was associated with the Los Angeles cheese-metal scene and was occasionally accompanied by a touring band.  During the late 1980s, he also gained a reputation as having a serious appetite for drugs and alcohol.

Sam Kinison-Wild Thing

In 1988, Sam Kinison released a recording of some of his stand-up routines.  I don’t recall the title of the record, but I dosam3 remember the last track on that album–okay, I had the cassette tape–was a version of the Trogg’s 1966 song, Wild Thing.
I’ll find the video on youtube when I get back to civilization, but it seems that I recall that Wild Thing was recorded with a wank-fest of 1980s Los Angeles cheese-metal guest musicians, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Ratt, Slash and Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses, Billy Idol, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Richie Sambora, and Tommy Lee.  There was also and a raunchy “roll on the mat” dance with Jessica Hahn.

Sam Kinison–Cheese metal.  Yeah, whatever

Late 80s cheese-metal was never my thing, but I must admit that I was moderately entertained by Wild Thing.  The original Trogg’s recording of Wild Thing was basically ripping off Louie Louie, which was written by Richard Barry and made popular by the Kingsmen.  That was okay with me.  I would always turn up the volume whenever Wild Thing came on the air.  Sam Kinnison turned what was basically a power-ballad into a hate-filled fu*k you to some woman or another who didn’t know who she was dealing with when she did him dirty.  Dealing with spurned, pissed-off women is one thing–just wait until I get to Alanis Morrisette’s You Oughta Know.  Spurned, pissed-off men are entirely different animals.

I think that in Wild Thing, Sam Kinison nailed certain aspects of of what every man out there has wanted to say to some woman who not only broke his heart, but lied, cheated, and basically said–in not so many words–“Fu*k you, dude!  I don’t give a damn about you or your feelings.  If you don’t like it, why don’t you just move forward and get on with it?”  Been there.  Done that.

So, how is a guy supposed to deal with that?  Sam Kinnison said it out loud.


Sam Kinison–he’s dead

I think Sam Kinison died in 1992.  Other than his stand-up comedy, and a  guest appearance on Fox’s Married with Children inthe late 1980s, I didn’t know a lot about Sam Kinison.  I was cool with that. I’m sorry Kinison is dead, I suppose.  Too bad.  Perhaps he could have been one of the greats.  Yeah…I doubt it.  But, I’m still sorry he’s dead.

Sam Kinison

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