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GRENOUER: Point Of No Return

25 Jun , 2015,
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A Little Bio & Background To Accompany The Video: Grenouer, the band that incorporates creative endeavor and unassailable quality, comes from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Fronted by lead signer Andrey ‘Ind’ in liaison with guitarist Alexander ‘Motor’ Grenouer shifted from a conventional extreme metal combo to a brilliant alternative metal & rock outfit, no member of the metal pantheon changes so much and stays true to the score. Seven full-length albums released worldwide, thousands of miles spent on tours, not a single day on hold in about twenty years – today Grenouer is easily recognized by the offbeat balance between low pumping guitar riffs and eloquent delicate vocals
with a large harmonic vocabulary. Those tunes are only superficially easy, since songwriting ideas are designated and embellished in different ways to hook up listeners with vibe, allegiance to the melody and artistic sincerity.

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