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Scott H. Biram – Look Out For This Guy

14 May , 2011,
Music Artist Reviewers
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Scott H. Biram

Scott H. Biram

Scott H. Biram

Scott H. Biram comes to us courtesy of Music Artist Reviews member Rodney Rodriguez. Rodney posted Scott H. Biram’s Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue which prompted me to look further. I poked around and found Judgement Day.

One thing I’ll say for Scott H. Biram, he captures that raw edge that all the slick studio artists miss.

I haven’t seen him live yet, but judging from what I hear, he is the kind of guy I’d want to sit down and jam with (Set aside a 5th of Maker’s Mark or Jack Daniels for the session)…If he’d be willing to share the stage, that is.

Scott H. Biram’s Style

His music reminds me of some of those junkyard sculptures where they weld together rusty car parts to make anything from a rusty robot to a car-crunching behemoth. You start out thinking you are hearing Delta Blues and rapidly find yourself adrift in the rapids somewhere between Punk and Rockabilly. Scott H. Biram is the genuine article and screw the record company hype.

Enjoy Scott H. Biram singing Judgement Day.

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  • Miles

    Damn, Mead… Where did you find this guy? He’s better than most, isn’t he?