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I’ve Just Seen a Face

9 Jun , 2011,
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Paul McCartney–I’ve just seen a face

Dammit! I mean Woo Hoo! Look out! Miles is feeling another Paul McCartney jag coming on. I’m ‘doomed’. I like it.

I Grew Up on Paul McCartney’s Music. Since before I could walk and certainly before I could talk, I was a Beatles guy. Specifically, I was a McCartney guy. My folks always liked to remind me that McCartney was easy to spot because he was always a little different than the other Beatles. McCartney  was the guy who…
• was barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road

mcCartneycover • was backwards on the back cover of Sgt. Pepper

• was represented sideways on the cover of Revolver

• wore the black rose on the cover of Magical Mystery Tour

• played the bass–only four strings, you know

• was ‘dead’

• is left-handed.

Paul McCartney–By the time I was two years old or so, I could already distinguish the bass parts from music

revolvercoverI thought–still do–that it was cool being left-handed like Paul.  Does Paul McCartney have to write a song on every damned thought that enters his mind?  McCartney has produced so much music over the last–damn! Close to 50 years–that I think he can be forgiven all the crap he put out over the years. For me, it is easy to wade through the bad stuff to get to the 10% that is really good.  Shortly following the demise of the Beatles, Paul released Ram.  His first solo album, McCartney–which Paul multi-tracked and produced himself–was issued sometime between the White Album and Abbey Road.

Band on the Run is still my favorite post-Beatles record that any of the four of them ever produced.  I like London Town.  With a Little Luck reminds me of 1978, the summer I turned ten years old.  McCartney II was fun.  Remember Temporary Secretary, Paul’s ill-fated foray into New Wave?  For all the crap that Paul McCartney paulreleased over the years, it doesn’t matter to me. McCartney hasn’t had anything to prove to anyone in well over forty years.   No one can turn out a ballad like Paul McCartney.  There have been a few really good love songs written, and some of them have touched me–rank sentimentalist that I am–but, no one nails it quite like McCartney.  I don’t suspect that Paul was clinically bi-polar–I think that was John–but Paul McCartney could write some of the most heart-wrenching good-bye songs as well as some of the more inspiring, love-drenched hello songs, one right after the other.  They are equally as beautiful to me.

sgt prpper

Paul McCartney can do whatever he wants


And so what if Paul McCartney lives and records for another thirty years and records nothing but crap?  Listen to the Beatles. Listen to Paul’s bass line on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  Listen to the Beatles’ arrangements of old Little Richard songs.  I think that Paul can put out pretty much anything he wants at this point, and can be forgiven for it if I think it sucks. I just shake my head and wonder why he bothered.

When my alarm went off this morning, I already had a Paul McCartney song going through my head.

“I’ve just seen a face. I can’t forget the time or place where we just met…”


Uh oh!  I mean Woo Hoo!  I’m ‘doomed’.  I like it.

I’ve just seen a face Paul McCartney





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  • Tanya

    Love it and Love McCartney! Thanks for sharing Miles!